Polyurea is a seamless monolithic high-pressure spray coating similar to rubber or plastic. The application of waterproofing polymers is a high-demand service that requires experience, knowledge of technology and professional equipment.

Qualified specialists from Polisfera apply polyurea using modern equipment manufactured by GRACO (America) and GAMA (Spain). To prepare mixtures we use components from leading global producers of raw materials for elastomers – BASF and HUNTSMAN.

Advantages of polyurea spray coating

Polyurea is a versatile coating that is waterproof, anti-corrosion, abrasive and decorative. These properties allow it to be used on almost any object where insulation from moisture is required, since it has the following advantages:

  • high elongation while maintaining hardness
  • high adhesion to almost all materials
  • high chemical resistance
  • environmental friendliness
  • durability (service life – 50 years)
  • ability to be applied in a wide range of temperatures: from -60 to +200˚C
  • high tensile strength.

Services offered by Polisfera

Waterproofing of the following items can be ordered from us:

  • flat roofs
  • foundations
  • reservoirs
  • tanks
  • treatment facility basins
  • bridges
  • pipelines.

VIDEO: the process of spraying polyurea